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The traditional food of Bangladesh you must try

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Traditional food of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is famous for its spicy and delicious food. There are various food items that are the traditional food of Bangladesh.

Rice and fish are the major food of native people here. Local people are called “Mache Vate Bangali” in Bangladesh. Among various traditional food items, a few of them are –Kachchi Biriyani, Beef Kala Bhuna Hilsha Fish Polao, Tehari, Morog Polao, Vorta, lentils & curry, Bhuna Khichuri, etc.

Also, Sheek Kabab, Chicken grill, Sweet Yogurt, Roshgulla are popular in Bangladesh.

Kachchi Biriyani

Kachchi Biriyani is a trademark of Old Dhaka in Bangladesh. The different food items you can get in old Dhaka. Kachchi is one of them.

Maybe you are thinking that what is Kachcchi? Well, I am clarifying about it. Mainly Kachchi is made with mutton & Pulao rice. But there are also other ingredients included to cook Kachchi. Some chefs use Bashmoti rice to cook it.

In terms of quality Haji biriyani, Nanna biriyani, Kalkata Kachchi, etc are the most popular. Also, you may visit  Hanif biriyani, Vulu biriyani, Mamun biriyani & Royal biriyani for the exact taste of Kachchi.

However, if you want to taste Kachchi Biriyani in New Dhaka then Sultan Dine is the best choice. 

Mutton Kacchi Biriyani on a plate

Traditional Kacchi Biriyani

Hilsha Fish Polao

Different people have a separate favorite food. But,  most of the people like Hilsha fish. However, could you imagine Hilsha fish Polao(fragrance rice) if you already taste Hilsha? This particular fish item can give you the maximum taste of Bangladeshi fish.

During the cooking process, fish & Polao could be cooked simultaneously. Generally, this item is eaten during a family gathering and a different festival.

Among different sizes of Hilsha fish, a bit bigger is quite tastier than the smaller one. Personally, I like this item to eat Hilsha Polao where the rice is neat & oil is less in amount.

Hilsha fish polao over a plate

Decorated Hilsha fish polao

Beef Kala Bhuna

Among beef lovers, Kala Bhuna is a common name. This food item is more delicious than it looks. It is a traditional food that is a trademark of Chittagong also local people call it its birthplace.

Whenever it’s about taste Chittagong’s areas item is a bit genuine. If it is about any marriage program in Chittagong then Kala Bhuna is mandatory.

However, the cooking process is lengthy. Various item spices are used in it. Uses of those favoring with proper amount make the item too palatable.

Interesting thing is that the day I am writing about Kala Bhuna, I am burped because of tasting this item at dinner.

Long time cooked kala bhuna over a bowl

Savory Beef Kala Bhuna

Morog Polao

Morog Polao is a combination of fragrance rice, spices, and chicken. During the cooking process, it’s really important to fry the rice until it reaches a bit browny. Then other essential items also add to it. Also, this type of food item is popular in the Middle East, South Asia, East Asia, Latin America. But through this all area they have their own cooking procedure.

Whenever we cook this item in Bangladesh, at first we need to prepare the spices by frying them. Then we have to mix that with the cock after that continues the cooking process. Once the cock is ready it’s the time to cook rice till it completes the cooking process. Now it’s ready to grab the steamed morog polao.

Traditional morog polao served over a plate with leg piece and vegetables.

Perfect Morog Polao

Sheek Kabab

Kabab is a special type of dish which is a mixture of blended meat and hot spices, cooked on high heat for a time period. In most cases, meat is burned in coal but also it can be burn use oven.

It is told that Kabab has come to this Indian subcontinent from the time of the Mughal Empire. Sheek Kabab has become the traditional food of Bangladesh from that past time. People who like the smoky flavor may attract you, but if you don’t like it, you can taste the oven-burn Sheek Kabab.

Sheek kebab on process

The ongoing process of Kabab

Bhuna Khichuri

Khichuri is a rice item that is generally cooking with lentils, but in some cases, mung bean is also used in it. This food item is one of the most popular in our country. Locally, when it is raining people like to eat Bhuna Khichuri with Hilsha fish and chatni.

Also, this item is easy to cook without any hard work. If you want to cook Bhuna khichuri just gather necessary cooking items then start cooking. You need rice/fragrant rice, lentils, ginger, onion, cinnamon, red chili, garlic, green chili, turmeric powder, mastered oil, salt, etc. People have various tests hence I suggest you add vegetables or meat.

After gathering all sorts of ingredients to cook Bhuna Khichuri mix all items. Then pour more water double than other ingredients and start cooking. When the water is dried end the cooking.

Decorated bhuna khichuri over a plate.

Khichuri with an additional item

Chicken Grill

Most of the people in Bangladesh like a chicken grill. It is hard to find out someone who doesn’t like a grill. The chicken grill is available in a restaurant in the city or town of Bangladesh.

Few restaurants will serve you sauce or mayonnaise with grill is too tasty in few restaurants. They have their own cooking procedure to make it tasty for the customer. I prefer to eat chicken grill where the Mayonnaise/Sauce is delicious to eat.

Attractive chicken grill served over a plate.

Alluring chicken grill


Vorta means mash of fish, vegetable, or grain. Locally Vorta is a traditional food of Bangladesh. The actual time for the first time Vorta was made is unknown. In the early time, it was most popular among poor people as it is a low-cost item. But nowadays due to the taste, it is popular among every class of people.

There is various kind of Vorta. Dried fish, Lentils, potatoes, vegetables are the main item to make Vorta. At this age, meat Vorta is also a popular Vorta item.

Different type of Vorta over a plate.

Served Vorta

Muri Ghonto

There is no relation between Muri Ghonto with parched rice. Muri is the local name of parched rice. However, Muri Ghonto is a special recipe that is cook along with fish heads and lentils or gram dal. It is similar to lentils but there are no extra small like lentils. Spices make its taste quite better apart from this it must be cooking till the gram dal reach to become melt.

When I have a perfect Muri Ghonto it is sufficient to eat rice without other food items like vegetables, meat, or egg. Not every time it is possible but occasionally it will give a perfect taste of feeling.

A bowl of Cooked Murighonto


Sweet Desert


Rosgollah is a sweet dessert that is common throughout the country. When it’s about Bengali dessert items most people will suggest Rosgullah. People rarely hate it. Every marriage ceremony in the village area they serve this item after the meal.

The essential element of Rosgollah is Curd. If you want to feel the exact taste of Rosgollah then you have to visit the rural areas. In my childhood, this was my favorite food.

7 piece of Roshgollah in a plastic bowl.


Sweet Yogurt

We all are familiar with sour yogurt as we use it in the cooking process of the different food items. The procedure to make it so simple, fermented milk is the raw material of it. As yogurt contains probiotics hence it helps improve your digestion.

After having a cup of Sweet Yogurt you will feel fresh. As like Rosgollah people serve Sweet Yogurt in the marriage ceremony.

A cup of yogurt decorated with roasted coffee


At the End

There are varieties of food in the world. However, the food in this geographical area is really savory. Each spicy item may lead you to close your eye to feel it. So don’t wait to grab and taste it. Perhaps this list may help you a lot to determine the suitable one for you.

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