I help business or service to grow organically using internet marketing

To increase the search visibility of any company I used the latest online marketing strategy. More visibility will result in increase traffic to your website.


Local SEO Specialist in Bangladesh


Who Am I?

Hi! this is Munshi Abid Hasan. Till today, I’m one of the most reliable local SEO specialist in Bangladesh. Since 2018 I’m involved in the SEO industry following Google Webmaster guidelines.

Honestly, my own interest fuels me to explore and apply latest SEO strategies to websites to achieve the best result on the search engines. In fact, I enjoy it a lot. Specifically when a website gets more clicks from the top position on the search engine results from the first page. 

Though both global or international SEO and local SEO are the working arenas of mine local SEO is more preferable.

Why Should You Choose My SEO Service?

If you search on Google for the term “High calorie foods in Bangladesh” you will find my website on the top of the first result page. While you are looking for a SEO specialist you should consider data driven & performance base service. Including those two benefit my service will cover a few major advantages. For instance,

Improve current ranking of your website

Increase traffic to your website

My service will increase Return on investment (ROI) of your business

My SEO strategy don’t follow any unethical or black hat method

Following search engine recommended white hat SEO result in stable higher ranking

My Skill

Local SEO 95%
Global SEO 90%
WordPress 95%

Why Local SEO is so important for business or service?

Each business would like to stand out on search engine result first page for a certain geographic region. Local SEO does the task for your business or service even if you don’t own a website. It results in increase traffic and potential leads.In fact, the conversion rate will be comparatively high since they already searching for businesses like you who offering specific products or services.


These days most people are using search engines to get local information. Eventually, among all searchers who search with smartphone 88% of them visit related physical store before a week over.When your business is up to date with local SEO definitely you are more like to get more priority on the search engine result page for a geographic location . Meanwhile it’s a cost effective way to grow organically among the local customers.

Besides there is also a list of advantage of Local SEO. For instance,

Increase online visibility

Relevant traffic

Returning local customers

Increase trust & authority

Less Ad cost

Our Working Process


SEO Audit

In terms of an existing website that already contains content and other necessary stuff, an SEO audit is the first step to identify website SEO health.


Niche Selection

The niche denotes the topic of the website. To select a niche is the first step for each website. It depends upon your business or service.

The niche selection step starts from your end.


Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the first & crucial step of SEO. Without selecting proper keyword you will not get right audience to your website.


On-Page Optimization

After completing keyword research our next step is on-page optimization.

This step includes content optimization, site structure optimization


Technical SEO

Up next is Technical SEO.
Technical SEO is the technical action on a website to fulfill search engine guidelines. For instance, crawl, index, render, and website architecture.


Off-Page Optimation

At the final stage, we will move on to Off-page optimization.

When we talk about off-page SEO it’s all about building links to improve the authority of the website. We always follow the white hat link-building technic.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)?

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a Search Engine Optimization method that helps business to increase visibility in local search result on major search result. Such as google, being. 

Why Local SEO is important?

Among all Google searchers  46% are searching for local business. Therefore local SEO is important and it helps business to stand out on local search result. In fact it drive more traffic with high conversion rate.

How do you know if you need local SEO?

Well, when you are not sure that whether you need local SEO or not then you can simply search on google for keyword those you think your customer should find your business by searching. If you find your business don’t appear on search result then you need local SEO.

What is Google my business and why is it important?

Google my business is an easy to manageable free tool by Google that allows your business presence on google both the search and map.

Since it allows you to add your business for the search result and location including edit information, therefore, google my business is important.

What are two key benefits of Google My Business?

Two key benefits of google my business are:-

  1. Google my business share information with customer
  2. It manage multiple listings at the same time

What is onpage and offpage SEO?

In simple words, any optimization inside your web pages to get a higher ranking is call onpage SEO. Such as optimizing content, image, etc.

Besides the link building task perform outside your website to create the authority of your website is called offpage SEO.