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12 Easy Bangladeshi sweet snack

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Easy Bangladeshi sweet snack sponge.

Whether it is a desert or festival item after a meal without sweets it’s incomplete for Bangladeshi tradition. The people of this geographical area love to eat sweets and feed others. During visit relatives’ homes, people buy it as a gift also for their own family. Except for those occasions, easy Bangladeshi sweet snack is very familiar with Bengali people.

In each culture, people have different food items for the feast. You may know that western people celebrate with drinks that may be alcoholic that is not permissible for us as Muslims, but we use sweets as the festive food item.

Generally in marriage ceremony sweet is a popular dessert item with yogurt. Rather than that, people serve it for the guest. Anyone who has good news like a new job, newborn baby, promotion, etc they celebrate by serving sweet to the relative, neighbor.

Let’s see the top sweet item from different areas of Bangladesh.


Roashgullah is the bearer of Bengali food. Many people understand Rosgullah when you say sweet. Not only in Bangladesh few foreigners also know that it’s a Bengali food if you mentioned the name. However, the taste gains popularity among locals before the outsider. The raw material of the Rosgullah is milk. With each bite of it, you will realize why the name is Rosgullah. The soaked syrup will come when you bite or chew it.

Served easy Bangladeshi sweet snack roshgullah

Banglali Roshgullah


People who like sweet dessert Sandesh will be one of their favorite ones. After taking a piece of Sandesh inside the mouth maybe you will close your eyes due to the blend of chenna(make from milk), sugar, or molasses. This dried sweet is another favorite item throughout the country. Years after years it’s a traditional food of Bangladesh.

Nolen gurer sondesh over a tray.


Chom Chom

Among various sweet items, Chom Chom takes a special place in Bangladesh. After making the Chomchom with the chenna it put to the sugar syrup to soak the syrup. Then the mawa is the coat over the Chomchom to give it a juicy taste. It’s called Khir Chomchom which is a bit tastier than Chomchom which doesn’t have any coating over it. Most people know it as Chom Chom or few people say danadar sweet.

easy bangladeshi sweet snack chamcham.

Chom Chom


As the name indicate Sponge, it’s really spongy. It’s quite similar to the Rosgullah but soft and juicy inside the sweet. Once anyone takes a piece inside the mouth the syrup comes out and gives an extraordinary taste. The syrup of the sponge uses less amount of sugar which allows you to grab more.

Juicy sponge on a bowl.


Kalo Jam(BlackBerry)

Kalo jam is not actually a Blackberry but due to the color, it looks like the Blackberry. All most everywhere in Bangladesh this easy Bangladeshi sweet snack is mostly available. During the making process as the sweet of raw chenna go with a process by frying with Ghee and it turned to a Black color. Then it soaked up in sugar syrup which makes it a complete Kalo Jam.

Kalo jam on a bowl.


Golap Jam

Like Kalo jam Golap Jamun is also a popular sweet. Due to the pink color, natives call it Golapjamun. Mostly in cities or towns area, these variants of sweets are available. Whatever, it looks similar in the shape of Kalo Jam but the taste is not the same. Golapjamun is softer than Kalo Jam with its unique taste.

Few piece of golap jam on a bowl. One of them are cut off.

Golap jam


Roshmalai is sweet which I suggest to everyone because of its taste. The main ingredient of this item is Chenna that is from milk, dense milk which forms with a small amount of sugar and raw milk boiling together. The sweet is soaked up from the mixer of dense milk with sugar.

3 piece of roshmali on bowl before eating.


Actually, Roshmalai is the best item for those who like less sugar-dense milk items. If you grab a perfect Roshmalai, most probably it will make your day.

Motichur Laddu

People are familiar with laddu. People of India also know about Motichur laddu that is from Bangladesh. It’s an old sweet item in Jessore. Mainly this sweet item was started from religious worship of Hindus but after that, it is now sold in bazaar too. Making the process is more time-consuming. Motichur laddu main ingredient is pea-flour Buendia. After fried the Bundia it is soaked up with sugar syrup. Then the Mothichur laddu is made.

Motichur laddu on served over a bowl.

Motichur laddu


Childhood memories adhere to the Jilapi as it is a popular sweet snack in village Hat Bazaar. Not only that, but the people of the city are also fully familiar with it. Jilapi are made by using a water mixer with flour making turn hand and deep-fried in oil.

local food jilapi


After frying it is soaked up like other sweet snacks but for a short time. One of the variants of jilapi is Shahi Jilabi which is deep-fried and crunchy includes its own taste.

Sweet Yoghurt

Sweet yogurt is one of the well-known dessert items that have a creamy delicious flavor. The test actually varies from seller to seller but if you expect the best one definitely you have to taste from the village. Because milk is the raw material of yogurt and it’s available in those areas. The yogurt of Dhaka city area is mostly less tasty than the rural area due to mixer in milk or using full cream powder milk. To taste the authentic yogurt you have to visit Tarki Bandar at the Barisal division.

a cup of sweet yogurt



If you expect something superisticfragilisticexpialydoucous that means extraordinarily good then Pyesh may be the desert. It contains thick creamy milk, sugar, rice, ghee, bay leaf, cardamon, nuts, and dry fruits. Once you taste it most probably you will be eager to taste it again. 

A bowl of payes.


Chenna Jilapi

Probably you know about Jilapi as I mentioned earlier. But this variant of Jilapi is made with chenna, flour & khoya, which are a bit dense and spiral-like jilapi. It is better to taste when eat is warm. Definitely, it’s a tasteful easy Bangladeshi sweet snack. But, it is less available in the city area but you could get it in the rural area.

Chana jilapi over a bowl.

Chanar jilapi


In conclusion, it’s better to taste the original food item to get satisfaction. Hence,  you should consider traveling those areas those sweet items are made. Otherwise, tasting the adulterated food may anger you rather than the taste of feeling.

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