Bangladeshi street food

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Bangladeshi street food

Delicious food, street, and desert food are some of the most famous food. Whenever It’s about Bangladeshi street food you will be fully satisfied with the taste of those items I will mention below. Among different street food, I shall suggest to you most of the spicy items. This is because spicy food is a bit tastier than others.


Fuchka is a favorite street food among different ages people. As you see in the image, it’s a mixture of moong pulses, spices, red chili,   tamarind sweet or chili flavor, egg, onion, etc.

Fuchka on a plate with sour liquid that are made from tarmeric.

Fuchka on a plate

If you taste dough balls that are full of other ingredients will give you a sour taste. Personally, I prefer sweet-sour rather than chili one. I suggest you both of the sour to taste as it varies from person to person.

2. Bhelpuri

Like fuchka Bhelpuri is visually the same but few of the ingredient is different. The dough size of bhelpuri is bigger and thinner than fuchka. Bhelpuri is a bit crunchy but here there is no use of egg as fuchka’s one.

Velpuri a local Bangladeshi food served on table.That contain moong pulses, salad, spice etc.

Velpuri with sour

3. Haleem

Haleem is a combination of different pulses, spices, and beef. Among all ages of people, it’s a popular item. It is really hard to explain the exact taste. Whenever you taste haleem the chili and spicy flavor will give you a different experience. If you don’t like chili items then you can add some lemon or tarmac sour to reduce the chili taste.

Bangladeshi street food haleem


However, among many well-renowned haleem sellers, Mama Halim located in Mirpur road at Dhanmondi is one of the most popular names. Also, It is available in other locations in the city area of Bangladesh.

4. Jhalmuri

Jhalmuri is is another street food available in Bangladesh. It is mainly made with savory puffed rice, spices, lemon, cucumber, green chili, pulse mash, and chatni. From young children to adults most people love this snack. However, these dried snacks taste spicy, chili flavor. Anywhere in Bangladesh, it’s available, mostly in crowded areas. Generally, it’s served with recycled paper as utensils but few of the sellers use a bowl.

A plate of jhalmuri with all other ingredient. Chili, cooked soup, chanachur, moong pulses mashes etc are the main ingredient of it.


5. Tikka kebab with Parata

Maybe you are familiar with Tikka kebab If you are not don’t worry. Tikka Kebab is a grilled or fried meat with essential kebab spices. It is a bit similar to kebab but tikka kebab tastes better than a general kebab. This street food, Tikka kebab is available in roadside van shops or restaurants. Most of the roadside van shops use fried ones but that taste is amazing. But if you like smoky flavor then obviously see first that do they grill it or not. Obviously, it will taste a bit delicious with paratha.

Tikka kebab are a common on the street of Bangladesh. Main ingredient are wheat and beef meat.

Tikka kebab with paratha

6. Chitoi Pitha

Chitoi pitha is a kind of cake available in the winter season. Except for the winter season, there is less chance to get it at the footpath in Dhaka. Most interesting thing is that the different types of mash that are provided by the seller.

Chitoi pitha is a type of cake are available in Bangladesh street shop.

Chitoi Pitha

In the evening time, those shops are available.

7. Vapa pitha

As like chitoi pitha , Vapa pitha is also a cake of winter. I suggest this one if you like sweet cake. This pitha is made with the steam of boil water. The main ingredient is rice, Palm molasses, coconut. This item is also available in most of the areas in Bangladesh. Especially, in bazaar, cities, towns, or people gathering.

Vapa pitha over a plastic plate.This are mostly available most of the season.

Vapa pitha

It’s better to taste it when the steam starts to rise from the cake.

8. Seekh Kebab

Kebabs are of various kinds. All over the world, this food is popular. Seek Kebab is one of the variants. Mainly it’s from the Indian subcontinent, made with different spices. That’s cooked on the barbecue or maybe in a tandoor using coal. Coal makes the smoky flavor.

Beef sheek kabab.Made with spicies and meat are burn on fire of coal.

Sheek kabab

Along with Nun, it tastes better.

9. Singara

Singara is another Bangladeshi street food that is generally available everywhere in Bangladesh. Inside the wheat dough cooked potato filling. At the end of the primary making process, it is fried in submerged oil. Generally, after 11:30 am almost every hotel is available. People of different classes use it as snacks.

Singara over a plate.


However, it tastes much better with tomato ketchup.

10.Mixed masala Chanachur

Chanachur is a familiar snack in most of the country. But mixed masala chanachur is a bit different and savory taste. Basically, it’s available at hawkers around Dhaka or other cities and towns. In some cases, you may get this item at you, Journey, through bus inside Dhaka or outside of this town.

A small bowl of mixed masala chanachur with other raw ingredients.

Mixed masala chanachur


Throughout Ramadan, Chola is an essential item for Iftar. These dishes are delicious with puffed rice. But some of the street sellers use other ingredients to make it tasty. They generally use cucumber, tomato, onion, carrot, green chili, mastered oil, spice, salt with boiled gram pulse which make the difference.

Chola batora served on a bowl with egg, lemon and chili.


12.Alu Parota

Maybe you are familiar with parota that are used as breakfast in Bangladesh. But alu parota is an evening snack. You may get this item on the street in Dhaka but not that much. Before you start your alu parota mission try to figure out where is available or not. If you can’t find out then you may make it at home.

Few piece of parota over the plate.

Served Alu parota

Except for taste, it’s a high-calorie food also.

13.Moglai Parota

Moglai paratha is also an evening snack. Inside the wheat layer egg, spice, salt, onion, etc are used to prepare. Then in the next step, it’s fried in submerged oil like singara.

Moglai parota over a tray with sauce


14.Dal puri

Making the procedure of dal puri is similar to alu paratha but both items are different. Lentils that are cooked and dried are used inside the wheat dough. Then fried as like as Moglai paratha. In terms of size, dal puri is far smaller than Mughlai paratha.

Bangladeshi street food

Dal puri

Taste is too delicious to eat with tomato ketchup, raita salad.


The main ingredient of chotpoti is gram pulses. The combination of egg, coriander, tamarind sour, fried wheat dough, chili, and spices makes the taste satisfying. These snacks provide high calories except for taste. During the evening it is available most of the crowded area, bazaar, park, etc.

Bangladeshi street food


At the end

Those items I mentioned about Bangladeshi street food are really savory and popular. The taste of each item will give you an exceptional feeling. Nevertheless, you should not take too much of the item this is because anything more than you need is harmful to you.

Also, street food is not fully hygienic so keep those items at a limited amount.

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