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    The traditional food of Bangladesh you must try

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    Traditional food of Bangladesh

    Bangladesh is famous for its spicy and delicious food. There are various food items that are the traditional food of Bangladesh. Rice and fish are the major food of native people here. Local people are called “Mache Vate Bangali” in Bangladesh. Among various traditional food items, a few of them are –Kachchi Biriyani, Beef Kala Bhuna Hilsha Fish Polao, Tehari, Morog Polao, Vorta, lentils & curry, Bhuna Khichuri, etc. Also, Sheek Kabab, Chicken grill, Sweet Yogurt, Roshgulla are popular in…

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  • Bangladeshi low calorie diet chart
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    Bangladeshi low calorie diet chart

    Food helps us to a healthy balance our body, hence it is really important to know about food calories. Today we are discussing the Bangladeshi Low calorie diet chart. Low-calorie food will help you…

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  • High calorie foods in Bangladesh
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    Top 20 high calorie foods in Bangladesh

    Weight gain is not an easy task though you can gain weight through changing lifestyle including diet. There are plenty of food both animal product and vegetables. To make it precise, few healthy high…

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  • Bangladeshi street food

    Bangladeshi street food

    Delicious food, street, and desert food are some of the most famous food. Whenever It’s about Bangladeshi street food you will be fully satisfied with the taste of those items I will mention below.…

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  • Easy Bangladeshi sweet snack sponge.
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    12 Easy Bangladeshi sweet snack

    Whether it is a desert or festival item after a meal without sweets it’s incomplete for Bangladeshi tradition. The people of this geographical area love to eat sweets and feed others. During visit relatives’…

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