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Top 20 high calorie foods in Bangladesh

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High calorie foods in Bangladesh

Weight gain is not an easy task though you can gain weight through changing lifestyle including diet. There are plenty of food both animal product and vegetables. To make it precise, few healthy high calorie foods in Bangladesh are given below.


Milk contains balance proteins, fats, and carbs and it’s a good calcium source, including minerals and vitamins. Whole cow milk about 146 calories per cup(224 g)(1). It’s further the necessary option for a weight gain diet(2). Whatever Milk is one of the most popular food in the world. Perhaps you also like this beneficial drink. 

Milk are pouring on a glass from the jug



Rice is one of the primary crops and is mostly cultivated with jute in Bangladesh. So, it is a cost-effective source of carbs to gain weight faster. Only 100 g of homemade white rice contains about 130 calories(3). If you have less appetite then it may help you to eat according to your body requirement.

Rice on a bowl

A Cup of rice

3. Smoothies

Smoothie is a liquid drink made from fruit, vegetable, and dairy products. Among those three types of smoothies, I prefer tropical mango and banana smoothie. Except for banana and mango there you need yogurt and coconut milk to prepare a cup of smoothie.

Banana mango smoothie on a glass decorated with 2 piece of banana slice. This is one of the best choice to get enough calorie. Definitely, it's a high calorie foods in Bangladesh.


Just take a mango, half cup of banana, sweet yogurt one cup blend all items together you will get huge calories that are about 554 calories(4)(5)(6). This item you may drink on a hot summer day to get extra calories.

4. Banana milkshake

A banana milkshake is a mixture of tasty food with a combination of rich calories and proteins. If you are a sweet lover you may like this item to eat. Personally, I prefer it rather than most other juice or smoothie. Per serving cup of Banana milkshake are full of huge 533 calories(7). The flavor of Banana is really soothing. You should use honey in exchange for sugar to get the sound test of it.

Banana milkshake on a glass with a straw.

Banana Milkshake

In terms of hot weather, it’s a preferable choice for breakfast. In my opinion, this is one of the best high calorie foods in Bangladesh.

5. Parata 

Parata is a familiar food item in Bangladesh, that can provide about 280 calories per piece. If you take 3 pieces of parata at your breakfast, then you will absorb approximately 740 calories that’s one of the best choices to gain weight by fulfilling calorie requirements.

Four piece of fried parata

Deep-fried Parata

Also, it provides fat and protein, and carbs(8).

6.Butter Naan

As like Paratha, Butter Naan also preserve high calorie. That is 235 calories per Butter Naan(9). Not only it contains calories but also it a source of carbs, protein fiber, fat, cholesterol, Vitamins & minerals(10).

Deep fried butter nun over a small basket

Deep-fried Butter nun

As it is available food, this could be a great choice for a weight gain diet.

7. Dried Fruit

The fruits in which most water content is dried using a natural process, sun drying, or using specialized dehydrators are called dried fruit. You may know that dried fruits are full of calories, healthy fats, vitamins, sodium, potassium, and proteins.

Various dried fruit decorated separately on shop. Those dried fruit can provide you huge calories.

Various dried fruit.

Every 100 grams of dried fruit consist of 359 calories(11). Not only it’s the source of nutrients but also it has several health benefits like

  • decreasing the risk of obesity,
  • reduces blood pressure
  • develop blood sugar moderation, etc(12).

8. Oily Fish

Just like red meat, oily fish are another source of high calorie, protein, and healthy fats. Among different oily fish, Hilsha fish is one of them. It contains about 128.38 to 161.68 kcal per 100 grams(13). 

Served fried fish with vegetables and mayonnaise

Salmon fish

Besides weight gain, oily fish have other health benefits.  Which includes:-

  •  Reduce heart disease
  • Mental health improvement
  • Rheumatoid arthritis etc(14).

9. Banana

Bananas are full of dietary fiber, vitamins, healthy fats, potassium with 133 calories per cup(15)(16). If you take 1-2 bananas each day it will boost up your energy levels, stamina, and make strong bones. 

Ripe bananas over the ground

Bananas over the ground

As it is a source of high calories you can take it as your breakfast for increasing weight. Another option could be a banana smoothie which can be made with a few nuts a cup of milk and a banana.

10. Chicken Biriyani

Chicken Biriyani is a delicious food item in Bangladesh. Except for its taste, it provides rich calories. Per cup of chicken biriyani contains 300 calories with carbs, fat, protein(17). To boost up gaining weight it can be a perfect choice. Due to the taste of condiments of chicken biriyani its popular all over Bangladesh, also it is renowned in the Indian subcontinent.

Decorated chicken biriyani in a plate with almond

Bangladeshi Chicken Biriyani

As this item is available in Bangladesh, you take it as your lunch or dinner.

11. Red Meats

Red meat is another source of calories including protein and fat. Each 100 g of red meat contains 125 calories(18). As it contains a sufficient amount of calories, you may gain weight by taking this item with your diet chart.

Beef are frying on a pan with oil.

Red meat

13. Potatoes

Potatoes are one of the most cultivated crops in Bangladesh including rice, wheat maize, pulses, and oilseeds(19).  As the cultivation of potatoes is vast, it is cost-effective high calorie food in Bangladesh. If you take 100 grams of potato you will absorb about 77 calories including carbs, fat, vitamin, protein(20). Except for weight gain, it helps to store muscle glycogen(21). The calories also vary that the way it cooked with other food items.

Potato on the ground.


Hence, this could be a better option for the high-calorie diet.

14. Peanut Butters

When it’s about gaining weight then nut butter is a better choice. If you wish to increase body weight definitely you can choose it. This is because only 1 tsp of peanut contains 17 calories including healthy fats (22).

Peanut Butter are taking from the bottle.

Peanut butter ready to serve

As it contains high calories you can get more than 200 calories in 1/2 cup. You may eat nut butter with cookies or bread it’s your choice.

15.Coconut Oil 

Coconut oil is an edible oil extracted from coconut palm. Only 1 tbsp of coconut oil can give you about 117 calories. Due to high saturated fat it last half of the year at 24-degree Celsius

Coconut oil on a bowl beside coconut. Organic coconut oil can be eat and obviously it's a high calorie foods in Bangladesh.

Organic Coconut oil

.There is various kind of application. An example shows that people who eat more than 60% of calories from coconuts, they founded in excellent health, with too low rates of heart disease(23).

Also, Coconut Oil has other health benefits:-

  • Reduction of seizures due to its fatty acids,
  • Skin Teeth and Hair protection,
  • Help to boost up the Brain Function of patients who are suffering from Alzheimer’s(24).

Hope this will be one of the best choices to have a healthy high-calorie diet to gain weight.



A variety type of cheese nutrition profiles is separate from one type to another. Such as mozzarella contains about 78 calories per oz. On the other hand, brie has 95 calories per oz.

Sliced cheese on the table.

Sliced cheese

There are several ways to eat mozzarella, you can use mozzarella in cheese Sandwiches, Shwarma, pizza, chicken and cheese noodles, etc.


Yogurt is a common food name in Bangladesh especially, in most of the marriage ceremonies in the village area it serves as a desert item after launch. This is one of the most popular dairy products around too.

Sweet yogurt from Bogra on a earthenware


However, let’s say about the calorie benefit of full-fat yogurt. Every 100 grams of yogurt plain preserve about 61 calories, water more than 80%, protein, and carbs.


Mango is called the “king of the fruit” in many areas of the world. It is one of the tastiest summer fruit in Bangladesh. If you grab one cup of mango contains about 99 calories, including other nutrients. To gain extra calories you can try another way.

Juicy mango sliced on a plate.

Sliced Mango

Slice and served with other fruit

You may make mango juice and taste it with an ice cube.

In the end, it is recommended not more than 330-gram per day as it contains more sugar than other fruit.

19.Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is a source of huge calories. Experts say, there are several benefits to it. It may improve your mood, be beneficial for the heart, etc. You can get 155 calories from 1o z by adding this item to your diet.

high calorie dark Chocolate piece. It contains high calorie.

Dark Chocolate piece

It is recommended to eat 30-60 g per day. Except for health benefits, it is one of the most delicious food to eat.

20.Beef Kebab

Beef kebab is a traditional food of Bangladesh. Per serving of beef, kebab holds about 145 calories with fat cholesterol, carbohydrate, & so on. The actual taste of the kebab is a bit smoky and spicy. If you like this type of savory food you will not be disappointed.

Beef Sheek kebab are served over a banana leaf.

Beef kebab

Bottom line

Finally, to gain extra weight calorie is necessary. If your digest is good in sha ALLAH  you will reach your expected weight. I tried to list high calorie foods in Bangladesh so that you can choose according to your calorie requirements. But before you start your journey you have to visit a doctor to adjust your meal plan. Another thing is that you must exercise to reduce the risk of heart disease, some cancers, and so on(25).

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